The Maritime Cybersecurity Center is a unique, regional provider of services, information and training for businesses, academic and public sector organizations.  We are the catalyst for collaboration and common understanding of the latest developments, threats, and expertise about cybersecurity, particularly in the maritime environment.   The MCC is dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity readiness and response. 


The Maritime Cybersecurity Center cultivates operational readiness, and is the catalyst for workforce and economic development opportunities for government and businesses, particularly related to cybersecurity in the maritime space.

Integrity – We operate and conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and professionalism, and promote ethical behaviors across the maritime community.
Accountability – We honor our commitments and ensure that we bring value to our maritime community and its members.
Inclusiveness – We welcome and collaborate with all participants from public and private sectors, including all businesses, industries and academic institutions involved in the maritime space. 
Service – We operate for the good of the maritime community, ensuring that our entire focus is to support our mission and bring opportunities value to our stakeholders.


The mission of the Maritime Cybersecurity Center is to create heightened, timely awareness of cybersecurity threats and mitigation strategies; cultivate communities of practice around cybersecurity challenges and approaches; and build training opportunities that act as a catalyst for workforce and economic development opportunities. 


Goal 1: Unify Community MembersBring members of the community together to actively communicate, engage, and collaborate around intelligence, experiences, issues, and practices related to cybersecurity threats, protective measure, and mitigating strategies. A special emphasis is on the maritime community.
Goal 2: Document Cybersecurity Information and Insight – Cultivate and capture a collective understanding of current and upcoming cybersecurity threats that could impact our communities.
Goal 3: Establish Communication Practices and Protocols  Enable our members to be ready to anticipate, avoid and address current and emerging cybersecurity threats through awareness and insight.
Goal 4: Identify and Track Opportunities – Identify and catalog workforce and economic development opportunities based on existing and emerging needs, focusing on resources, skill sets, and services. 
Goal 5: Train and Ready  Increase the level of workforce competency and operational readiness through training and information dissemination to our members.
Goal 6: Lead by Example – Mentor our members through teamwork, communication, and collaborative behaviors that reflect best practices of leadership and operational excellence.
Goal 7: STEM Engagement – Facilitate and stimulate the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) talent pipeline in middle, secondary and post-secondary education, engaging the students and teachers in the cybersecurity area for awareness and involvement.